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Omron HBF-361 Body Composition Analyzer

Rp. 1.850.000 (Rp. 2.150.000)  
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Omron HBF-361 Body Composition Analyzer


Omron HBF-361 Body Composition Analyzer

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  • Easy-to-read display

  • Past results data memory of 1, 7, 30 & 90 days ago

Product Overview

Omron HBF-361 Body Composition Analyzer

Measures weight and more!
For ideal weight management, know you body composition- body fat percentage, visceral fat level, subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscle percentage

Check your body composition:

  • Visceral fat level analysis

  • Measures your body fat percentage, body weight (in 100g increment)

  • Body fat percentage classification

  • Displays skeletal muscle % and classification

  • Displays Trunk subcutaneous fat %

  • Calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Indicates your Resting Metabolism (RM)

  • Same Age Comparison for Trunk subcutaneous fat and Visceral fat

  • Body Age

    Viscreal Fat Level Analysis

    It has been observed that visceral fat is linked to lifestyle-related diseases and maintenance of low visceral fat is important in health management. HBF-361 indicates the visceral fat level with assessment: <10 (Normal), 10~14.5 (High) or 15 (Very High)

    Same Age Comparison guide

    Compares the visceral fat level and trunk subcutaneous fat percentage with people of the same age.

    What is Body Age

    Body Age Indication is based on one's resting metabolism and is used as a guide to one's metabolic age.

    To know one's Body Age is useful to improve one's wellbeing.
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    Omron HBF-361 Body Composition Analyzer
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