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AccuPoint Alat Akupuntur Elektronik Portabel

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AccuPoint Alat Akupuntur Elektronik Portabel



Accu-Point Alat Akupuntur Elektronik Portabel

  • Built in LCD screen displays information about treatment and diagnosis

  • Use to detect problems with your health early on or treat problems you may already have.

  • Use throughout the body.

Product Overview

AccuPoint Alat Akupuntur Elektronik Portabel

Ancient Chinese medicine meets 21st century technology in our Acu-point Pen. Stimulate nerve endings and promote circulation for better overall health. Wouldn’t you love to have a magic wand to take away your everyday aches and pains? While it may not be magic, our Acu-pen utilizes specially designed electronic acupuncture probes which simulate traditional acupuncture treatments. Diagnose ailments and pinpoint the specific areas that need attention simply by passing the Acu-Pen over your palm. Feel the magic as it sends a stimulus signal to the specific area and stimulates the nerve and muscle as well as promoting better blood circulation. Put the power of 2000 years of ancient Chinese medicine and modern technology to good use. Feel better instantly with our Acu-point Pen.

Diagnose and cure a range of acute and minor illnesses with this revolutionary instrument. This apparatus incorporates the six traditional Chinese medical functions of hammering, acupuncture, naprapathy, cupping, scraping, and massage. Integrated prescription modes will lower blood pressure, shape portions of the body, reduce stress on body organs, and relieve soreness in muscles. The electric current acts directly on acupuncture pressure points, and through low frequency stimulation, restrains nerves, promotes blood circulation, and stimulates body tissues.



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