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Microscope Binoculer Olympus CX22

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Microscope Binoculer Olympus CX22

Okuler 10X s/ d 16X
Perbesaran 4X, 10X, 40X dan 100X
Cocok untuk pemeriksaan Laboratorium Klinik dan Penelitian

Spesifikasi lengkap :

Overall height - 16 3/ 4 "
Chamber Dimension - 11.125 " dia x 8.5 " deep
Chamber inner capacity ( inside tray) 13.7 liters, and outer capacity ( without tray) 24 liters
Voltage 220 1050W
40-45 minutes to heat up
Weight 29#
Heavy Cast Aluminum Cover and Bottom Construction
Aluminum Alloy Seamless Inset Container
Cast Aluminum Rack
Flexible Metal Exhaust Tube
Metal-To-Metal Seal ( No Rubber Gasket)
Complete/ Effective Sterilization at the Lowest Possible Cost
3 Wire Grounded Plug for Safety
Maximum pressure 20psi
Maximum temperature 259 f
Model: 25X New
Media: Steam
Chamber Size: 11 " Diameter X 8 " Depth
Type: manual Type
Speed: 45min Minutes
Voltage 220 V

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