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SanUp 3059 Ultrasonic Kid Nebulizer Inhalasi

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2 Kg  


SanUp 3059 Ultrasonic Kid Nebulizer-Inhalasi

    Method of nebulization Ultrasonic vibration
    Operating voltage Upon request
    Power Consumption 30W
    Transducer Frequency 2.5mhz
    Nebulization Rate 0.5ml / min.
    Particle size 1.5 - 5.7 (3.8 microns)
    Medication cup capacity 8 ml
    Timer 5 min.
    Device dimensions 125 x 263 x 90 mm (4.9´´ x 10.3´´ x 3.5´´)
    Weight 1.4 kg (3.08 lbs)
    Operating temperature and humidity 5° to 40°C ( 41°F to 104°F) - 30% to 95% RH
    Storage temperature and humidity 1° to 40°C (33.8°F to 104°F)- 10% to 95% RH
    Atmospheric pressure range for transport and storage 500 - 1060 mb

Product Overview

SanUp 3059 Ultrasonic Kid Nebulizer-Inhalasi

This unique model with A.D.R.® (Administrador de Dosis Regulable) "Adaptive Dose Delivery" enables the patient to adjust the aerosol delivery intermittently according to the patient´s individual breathing pattern (the aerosol is delivered during inhalation and stopped during exhalation). In this way, the solution/drug is used to the full reducing wastage. Functional design, high performance. Silent. This model comes with the exclusive Closed Water Chamber system, easy to use: all you need to do is to pour the solution and it is ready to use.
It is suitable to be used with Warm® heating device which heats the nebulization mist (optional accessory). It carries a timer and an air flow adjuster. Adult and pediatric masks and a mouthpiece are also provided.


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