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Smic Sterilisator 42 cm

Rp. 1.250.000  
4 Kg  

Smic Sterilisator 42 cm


SMIC Sterilisator 42 cm

  • Tray terbuat dari kuningan berlapis chrome.

  • Body terbuat dari lempengan logam berlapis cat powder coating.

  • Pengatur timer dan auto power off.

  • Terdapat insulator panas yang sangat baik antara body luar dan dalam sehingga tidak banyak panas yang terbuang selama proses.

  • 220V, 1500W

Product Overview

SMIC Sterilisator 42 cm

The cover of the sterilizer, the main body of the unit and the instrument. Tray are made of brass(h68) coated with nickel-chrome. The outer casing is made of a fine quality steel plate created with baking finish. The Glass wool, a head-insulating material, is filled between the inner jacket and the outer casing so as to make full use of heat. The heating Electro-thermal tube(220v,1,500w), which is fixed on the bottom inside. The main body, heats the water and can fully utilize thermal energy. This sterilizer can preset the time sterilization, and automatically control the temperature of sterilization. It can also automatically cut off the power source.

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