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Lucon M-20, Patient Monitor

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Lucon M-20, Patient Monitor

Progressive Lucon M20 Multi-Parameter Vital Sign Patient Monitor Provides Non-Invasive Parameters.

  • 96 hours trend review
    Save 96 hours all patient's vital signs data for review and printing through bulit-in printer. Tabular and graphic trend information are available.

  • Freeze Function
    Freeze the patient monitor window to see and check detail
    DC power for ambulance use
    Have independent power outlet to connect ambulance DC power.
    Enable to use at ambulance and other transport enviroment.

  • Central monitoring connection.
    Connect to the central monitoring system to receive alarm signal automatically when the patient's condition turns critical. Also the stored event or real time vitan sign can be re-called to display or print on the optional intergrated dual channel printer.

  • Various battery option
    Support various battery option based on customer needs.
    Easy installation of battery to main body.

  • Big numeric display
    Enable to see patient vital signs in the far distance.

  • Apnea function
    Enable user to surveil neonate apnea.

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