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Vitalograph Electronic asthma monitor Asma 1

Rp. 850.000  
0.8 Kg  

Vitalograph Electronic asthma monitor Asma 1


Vitalograph Electronic asthma monitor Asma 1

  • Measures FEV1 as well as peak flow

  • Conforms to all peak flow meter standards

  • Simple to use

  • Large, easy to read display

  • Stores 600 test sessions

  • Quality of blow indicator

  • PEF/FEV1 zones can be personalized

  • Clinic or at home use

  • Brand/logo customization available

Product Overview

Vitalograph Electronic asthma monitor Asma 1

Experts agree, the best way to manage asthma is at home, allowing more effective control, improving quality of life and the need for less medical intervention.

The new Vitalograph asma-1 electronic asthma monitor measures both FEV1 and PEF and provides a color zone indicator of current performance compared to personal best.

Test data is automatically stored with a date & time stamp and test quality information for the physician to review at the next appointment. Small, light-weight and affordable, the asma-1 makes it convenient and easy for the patients to monitor and manage their asthma.

Our SafeTway® disposable mouthpieces prevent cross-contamination for multi-patient use. All Vitalograph peak flow meters meet all peak flow meter standards, including

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