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Ambu CPR Manekin Type Baby

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Ambu CPR Manekin Type Baby


Ambu CPR Manekin Type Baby

  • The Ambu patented hygienic system protects the student and makes internal cleaning entirely unnecessary. Look - Listen - Feel. Just as in real life, ventilation can be seen and natural exhalation through the nose and mouth can be felt and heard. Realistic because the head can be both rotated and extended, but the airway opens only in the correct (sniff) position.

  • Stomach ventilation can further be checked visually. The instructor can simulate obstruction of the airway by an on/off slider. The realistic brachial pulse provides correct training.

Product Overview

Ambu CPR Manekin Type Baby

Ambu Baby corresponds to a real baby up to one year old. It is the youngest member of the Ambu family of training manikins. Teaching BLS with the Baby manikin gives a very lifelike simulation.

The manikin weighs 2.5 kg with and 1.8 kg without carry case. Total manikin length is 40 cm.

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