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Ambu CPR Manekin Type Multiman

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Ambu CPR Manekin Type Multiman


Ambu CPR Manekin Type Multiman

  • 4 manikins in one for more hands-on training. Can be separated into 2 x 2 torso units. Easy transport and storage due to compact and lightweight concept.
    Hygienic system, as the Ambu Man enables training on both manikins with one face piece/head bag. Look - Listen - Feel. Just as in real life, ventilation can be seen and exhalation through the nose and mouth can be felt and heard.

  • Compression depth indication (a moveable band indicates correct (green) and incorrect (red) depth of compression). Airways open only when head is correctly hyperextended.

  • Folded up, it measures 50 x 50 cm.

Product Overview

Ambu CPR Manekin Type Multiman

Now you can multiply the effectiveness of your BLS training without multiplying costs. Ambu MultiMan offers more realism, more convenience and more interaction between students.

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