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USG SonoScapes S6

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USG SonoScape S6

Standard configuration including

  • 15” High Resolution LCD color monitor

  • Intuitive EXAM icon

  • HQNF Technology

  • Real-Time Matching Technology

  • Multi-Beam Parallel Processing Technology

  • Color Doppler Imaging with multi-beam receiving

  • Power Doppler Imaging with Multi-beam receiving

  • M-tuning Technology

  • B-mode, M-mode, Color M-mode, Color Flow Mode (CFM), Power Doppler Imaging (PDI), Directional Power Doppler

  • Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD), High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF), Continuous Wave Doppler (CWD)

  • Multi frequency Doppler

  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)

  • Trapezoidal Imaging

  • Real time Triplex mode: B, Flow and PW Doppler; B, Flow and Color M

  • Dual Live mode, Dual B, Quad Display, B and M, B and D 3D reconstruction

  • Support Phased Array probe and Multi-plane TEE probe for cardiology and biplane probe

  • DICOM 3.0 Basic: Including DICOM storage, print, image storage and media storage, USB2.0 Mobile drive image retrieving and software upgrading

  • Integrated Recording keys for Remote control of Peripheral Devices and DICOM Devices

  • 8 TGC Pods

  • (2) TWO Active connectors selectable via keyboard and Hot swap

  • Measurements Calculations: General, obstetrical/Gynecological, basic Cardiac, Vascular, Urological, ECG

  • C344, 5-2MHz/R40mm, Abdominal Convex Probe

  • L741, 10-5MHz/46mm, Vascular Small part Linear Probe


  • Panoramic Imaging

  • Micro-Scan Technology

  • Steer M-mode

  • Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) and Cardiac measurements

  • DICOM work-list

  • Footswitch for S8 for freeze and print

Optional Transducers

  • C344, 5-2MHz/R40mm, Abdominal Convex Probe

  • C362, 5-2MHz/R60mm, Abdominal Convex probe

  • C542, 7-4MHz/R40mm, Abdominal & Pediatric Probe

  • C311, 4-2MHz/R15mm, Micro-convex Cardiac Probe

  • C611, 8-4MHz/R11mm, Micro-convex Pediatric Cardiac Probe

  • L741, 10-5MHz/46mm, Vascular Small part Linear Probe

  • L742, 15-5MHz/38mm, Vascular Small part linear probe

  • L743, 15-5MHz/46mm, Vascular Small part linear probe

  • L541 7-4MHz/38mm Vascular Linear probe

  • 10L1, 12-6MHz/36mm Vascular Small Parts Probe

  • 10I2, 15-5MHz/25mm, Linear Surgical Probe

  • 6V1, 8-4MHz/R11mm, Endovaginal Probe (135 degree)

  • 6V3, 9-5MHz/R10mm, Endovaginal probe (200 degree)

  • EC9-5, 9-5MHz/R8mm, micro-convex Endocavity probe (150 degree)

  • 7U2,10-5MHz/46mm, Linear transrectal probe

  • 2P1, 4-2MHz, Phased Array Cardiac Probe

  • 5P1, 7-4MHz, Phased Array Pediatric Cardiac Probe

Optional Biopsy guide for transducer

  • Biopsy guide for C344 probe

  • Biopsy guide for C362 probe

  • Biopsy guide for L741 probe

  • Biopsy guide for L742 probe

  • Biopsy guide for L743 probe

  • Biopsy guide for 10L1probe

  • Biopsy guide for L541 probe

  • Biopsy guide for 6V1 probe

  • Biopsy guide for 6V3 probe

  • Biopsy guide for EC9-5 probe (stainless)

  • Biopsy guide for EC9-5 probe (consumable)

  • Biopsy guide for 2P1 probe

  • Biopsy guide for 7U2 probe


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